Get This Credit Card Chess Set In Case of Emergency


Because you never know when you might find yourself needing a chess set. Sure, there are many portable chess sets out there, but this credit card chess set is unparalleled in portability and cool factor.


portable chess set

More than the size, what makes this nifty little thing unique is that it’s 3D-printed! Not really surprising, is it? If you can 3D print guns, why not something useful and harmless instead?

Arguably the tiniest chess set you can find today, this baby is supposed to fit in your wallet (credit card, duh).

Of course, you have to do a bit of assembly before you can start playing.

credit card chess set

How to use it:

1. Cut the chess pieces out of their frame.

2. Remove the frame.

3. Place the pieces on the chess board in their respective positions. You can optionally use the frame like tweezers to move the pieces around the board.

The set comes in an array of colors – blue, purple, red, yellow, green, white, black, and orange.

Visit Shapeways and take your pick (for $12/set).


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