“In a Galaxy Far, Far Away”: A New York Times Star Wars Book


Do a quick search on Google using the search string “Star Wars book”, and you’ll be inundated with results. Of course, you didn’t really have to do that to know the outcome. If you really are a stickler for details, though, you’ll want to read this exhaustive list containing every Star Wars book out there (or so it claims).

Then again, tack the brand “New York Times” onto a book, and you just might have something that stands out.

star wars book new york times

Surprisingly titled “In a Galaxy Far, Far Away”, the New York Times Star Wars book is meant to be the story of Star Wars – the franchise – from the perspective of the paper. An anthology, if you will.

It may not be common knowledge, but the NYT has been there from the start – perhaps some of the biggest fans are to be found in its ranks. As the story goes…

Four years before the first “Star Wars” movie was released, The New York Times signaled to readers that the sci-fi film was approaching our world. In a 1973 feature on director George Lucas, Judy Klemesrud wrote, “George is currently working on another science fiction screenplay, ‘The Star Wars,’ which he describes as a ‘real gee whiz movie’ in the Flash Gordon-Buck Rogers tradition.”

The movie title was later shortened and when it opened in 1977, Times film critic Vincent Canby knew he had seen something special. He wrote, “Star Wars is the most elaborate, most expensive, most beautiful movie serial ever made.”

star wars book new york times

The coffee table book is 12″ x 15″ and contains more than 85 pages of the Times’ coverage of the franchise – reprinted pages, so you can’t really get more authentic than this. You can expect the print to be small, so the book comes with a 2.5″ x 7.5″ magnifier, and of course, a certificate of authenticity.

Additionally, you can have the book personalized – have your name printed on the cover. Whether it’s a gift for someone or yourself, this Star Wars book is likely to become one of the most prized items in any collection.

Get it here for $80.

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