DIY Pixar Lamp


DIY Pixar Lamp


DIY Pixar Lamp

  • Manufactured With Bamboo & Plywood
  • 100% Wood pieces, no metal
  • Crafted to resemble Pixars famous Luxo Lamp
  • Moveable Joints for a variety of angles
  • Flat Packed, Bulb not included

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 3 x 8 in


  1. Herb Schmoll

    I was prepared for the fact that I would need to assemble the two “lamps” that I bought but I was not prepared for the fact that:

    1. The parts were ill fitting and had to be trimmed, sanded, scrapped and pressed very hard to be properly assembled.

    2. The instructions consisted of several drawings of the assembly in progressive stages without any reference to the order of the parts required to be assembled in each stage.

    3. The fragile construction of the ill fitting parts which put them at risk if they were pressed hard enough to actually get them to fit together.

    4. The fact that the lamp base is not heavy enough to counter balance the weight of the two arms, lamp socket and lamp making the lamp tip over when the arms are extended outside the diameter of the base.

    5. The kit was supplied with two different sets of rubber bands when only one set was required and both of which were too large to actually accomplish their intended task.

    So with a well equipped shop and a degree in design and about 90 minutes, I was able to assemble the first of the two kits having only cracked two of the parts.

    The design is quirky and clever, the execution was up to the same quality

    • Jimi Olaghere

      Hi Herb,

      We appreciate you’re detailed feedback. This is our first production run on this particular product, the quality of the lamp will improve significantly.

      Thank You,

  2. Dave

    Are there good instructions o n this lamp I

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