‘Warcraft 2’ MAY Happen, But There Probably Won’t Be a US Release

If you liked Warcraft the movie, then you were likely disappointed reading this post’s title. If you didn’t like it, then you’re probably saying “What a surprise!” [sarcastic font]. Whether you liked it or not, you can’t ignore numbers, so let’s look at how the movie performed. Metacritic gave it a 32 – generally unfavorable. […]

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There’s a Shop That Sells Real Wands, But Harry Potter Fans Won’t Like It

In Diagon Alley Slaithwaite village, near Huddersfield (it’s somewhere in the UK), there’s a shop called Mystical Moments that sells real wands. You know, wands that wizards and witches use to channel their powers. Little wonder that Harry Potter fans have been flocking to the shop to get their own wands. They’re not exactly real Harry Potter […]

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