Her Universe Doctor Who Clothing Line Is Out of This World


And it will blow your mind.

We’re all waiting for the Christmas special and the next Doctor (well, that’s a two-way thing, bittersweet), but in the meantime, there are a lot of things we that keep us busy. Maybe too many things. But who’s complaining?

With things like the Her Universe Doctor Who clothing line, how can we?

They’ve got this cool Wool Duffle Coat to keep you warm this winter.

doctor who clothing line

Notice the TARDIS-shaped Union Jack on the left chest? Sweet, isn’t it? Also, “the interior is lined with a satin plaid that features “Police Public Call Box” text design scattered throughout, and the zipper front and toggle closure work together to keep the brisk air at bay.” I think that’s the best part.

Winter or not, you can put these plaid leggings to good use.

doctor who clothing line

Spandex never looked this good – get up close and you’ll see all the TARDISes.

Of course, we can’t be without a good old t-shirt, and if I have to pick one, I choose this TARDIS plaid sleeve tee.

doctor who clothing line

And, when summer comes around, no need to look for the perfect dress, because it’s right here waiting: the Doctor Who Plaid Halter Dress.

doctor who dress

These are but a taste of the Her Universe Doctor Who clothing line. I bet you don’t need any more convincing to go through the entire catalog, though.

All I know is…one look, and…oh, Hello, Sweetie.

Check out the entire line here.

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