Adidas x Dragon Ball Z Sneakers Coming in Fall 2018


Adidas x Dragon Ball Z Sneakers featured image

Every single year, when the year comes to an end and we look at the next 12 months, we have something to get excited about. No matter how bad the past year has been – or perhaps it’s precisely because it wasn’t all that good – there’s just something to look forward to.

For children of the 90s and sneakerheads, there’s the Adidas x Dragon Ball Z Sneakers that are supposed to arrive in the fall of 2018.

It’s quite a long wait, and if you’re anything like most people these days, you’re probably be tearing your hair out way before the sneakers drop. But hey, at least there’s something to look forward to – and you have time to save up.

There’s not much that has been revealed about the Adidas x Dragon Ball Z Sneakers except what we saw in a tweet by Yeezy Mafia.

While not everyone was thrilled about the news (I suppose Dragon Ball Z may be too “vintage” for some kids), there were a few noteworthy reactions, this one topping the list.

So, 7 shoes for the 7 Dragon Balls. Let’s hope these kicks won’t cost more than 4 figures.

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